Liz Piano Entertainment & Lessons

Liz "Piano" Strauss offers piano lessons and entertainment around Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota, USA.

She currently has students in Wayzata, Mound, Minnetrista, St. Bonifacius, Waconia, Chaska and Minnetonka.

Liz has performed all around the world on cruise ships, resorts, restaurants, hotels and piano lounges.

In 2022 she's offering private piano lessons in Minnesota, USA - around Minnetonka Lake.

Watch her main stage demo created during her most recent contract with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

Liz Strauss Piano Entertainer

"You have amazing talent! Your "Eye of the Tiger" is quite moving. I heard the original after I returned from the cruise and wondered WHO ever thought that should be so heavy on guitar, not piano (and I usually lean toward guitar)! Anyway, I looked around your site to see if you had any recordings available but didn't see any. I'd love to have some of your recordings if any are available."

"Keep the spirit! Your gift of music, I'm certain, has brought joy to so many, and I hope it will continue for years to come! Happy sails to you!"

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