Citizen Liz

World Citizen. Internationally oriented, multi-lingual "rocker royale" sings in English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish.

Born in Namibia, studied music and journalism in South Africa, now residing and performing around the wolrd. Her last 15 years of residence included the Caribbean Islands, USA, France, Germany and Switzerland.

She regulary is contracted by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as Piano Entertainer.

Liz was born into a musical family, and holds two university degrees - one for Music and a Masters in Journalism.

"I see piano entertainment as an extension of myself and have a deep passion for interacting with a live audience, especially in five star venues".

Currently she is located in Minnesota and teaches piano to all ages around Minnetonka Lake. She offers private piano lessons in the comfort of your home. Contact her for her 2021 special piano lessons fees.

For piano, and singing lessons, around the Minnetonka Lake area in Minnesota, USA in the comfort of your home click here.