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Below is a trip down memory lane:

Excellent Entertainment.

"On Wednesday we had a very romantic evening, really good seafood with high quality piano entertainment from Liz Strauss..."Tripadvisor

"Hi Liz!! We didnt get to say goodbye the last night cruising, and I wanted to ask if you have recorded a cd or something we can buy :) you have an amazing voice and talent, thanks for sharing it and I really hope to see you again on our next cruise! "
Allía M. Ortiz, Carnival Valor

"Hi Liz, thank you for taking the time to learn Everlong. It was worth the wait."
Johnny, Carnival Valor

comment liz strauss piano vocalist entertainer in caribbean and cruise ships

"The piano player in Michaels Club, Liz Strauss" is great and she has had SRO crowds in the evening which has kept the wait staff hopping."
Post by Oville on Cruise Critic

"Liz Strauss, the piano player and singer in Michael's Club was good; it was a great place for an after dinner drink."
Post by Islander500 on Cruise Critic

"Thank you! Your music is very beautiful. We enjoyed it immensely. We came just to hear you play. Thanks."
Comment left on napkin, Celebrity Summit

"At 7:00 pm we went to Michaels lounge for the piano player Liz Strauss. She... is very very good."
Post by wr813 on Cruise Critic

"You are a beautiful singer & we have really enjoyed listening to you."
Phil + Heather (Northern Iceland), Celebrity Summit

"Thank you for your music! We love it. We requested a song Tuesday night – you made me cry! You have great talent – a gift. Thank you! Keep singing!" Danae Cosman (+ Rob)
Comment left on napkin, Carnival Legend

"Aside from doing a good job as a performer she was very friendly and was in my opinion the best of the performers on our ship."
Comment Card of Carnival Imagination

"Liz Strauss, the piano entertainer and singer in the Mirage Bar - the ONLY night life worth ANYTHING!!!"
Comment Card of Carnival Imagination

"Liz Strauss at the piano bar was very friendly and fun. We went to listen to her every night."
Comment Card of Carnival Imagination

"Liz, the piano entertainer, in Mirage Bar always acknowledged us by name. We had a lot of fun."
Comment Card of Carnival Imagination

"Liz Strauss, the piano bar entertainer, was fantastic and personable, not to mention extremely talented. It was a pleasure spending time in her lounge!"
Comment Card of Carnival Imagination

"Liz in the Piano Bar was lovely and talented and great with everyone in the room."
Comment Card of Carnival Imagination

"Liz, Mirage Piano Bar, made everyone welcome and encouraged everyone to participate. All levels of singing skills were engaged in the fun."
Comment Card of Carnival Imagination

"Liz, fun, friendly and remembered us by name."
Comment Card of Carnival Imagination

"The lady in the piano lounge was a blast."
Comment Card of Carnival Imagination

"Liz in the piano bar was phenomenal. We had a lot of fun with her"
Comment Card of Carnival Imagination

"Thoroughly enjoyed listening to you at the piano bar on the Elation this past week. Hope to hear you on another ship soon."
Corey Chavers (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"I could fly 10 000 miles from Norway, but who asked me :)) Life!"
Lubomir Georgiev

"Had a great time in the piano bar right before Thanksgiving. I hope you have a fantastic vacation Liz. You deserve it."
Tommy Richards (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Hey Liz, hope your doing good. I still remember the good times at the piano bar on the Elation. You were awesome and I hope your next gig is even better."
Travis Mankins (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Liz. You where the best part of my trip by far... next time you better be there!!! Xoxo"
Whitney Greco (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Liz. Enjoyed listening to you on the cruise! Hope to see you again in the future! Love from your Michigan friends!!!!"
Danielle Petroska Suhy, Michigan (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Hi Liz, I have read so many good things about you and just wondered what your cruise ship schedule was this comming year? Thanks"

"Hi Liz. We had a great time in the piano bar with you on the Elation!! Thanks for sharing your voice, humor, and friendship with the world!"
Chris Corsentino, MobIle, Alabama (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Hi liz. My wife and I just just got off the Carnival Elation. I just wanted to take a few minutes out of my time to send you a message and tell you how much we enjoyed the piano bar and your singing. Hope all is well and hope you have a nice holiday season."
Josh Blanchard (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"We had a blast listening to you last week. You have an awesome voice. Thanks for the great memories and hopefully we will see you soon."
Melissa Thompson (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship) December 2010

"Just got off the Elation and enjoyed listening to you."
Terry JoAnn, Tennessee (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Liz. It was such a treat listening to you, and singing along with you at Duke's on the Elation last week. You made my cruise."
Tommy Richards, Dallas (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Liz, thank you so much for your wonderful talents at Duke's on the Elation. You were such a joy to listen to & sing along with. Loved your piano playing especially when you played Beethoven during a break. You are awesome! Thanks for making my cruise special."
Tommy, Dallas (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Liz. Thanks for doing the Hangover song on the cruise last week!! It was so much fun with you at Dukes. Beau and Phil were a hoot too!!"
Donna Elwin (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Hey Liz, my girlfriend and I seen you on the cruise ship when we went to Mexico, and you were doing the sing-a-long thing, we asked you to play Lady Gaga Paparazzi, and we loved it!! You sound so much like her! Your voice and piano skills are so beautiful!"
Rachel Duckett (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Liz. We had a great time on ship with y'all last week!!! really enjoyed listening to you!! hope to see tou again one day"
Bobby Webb (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Hey Liz we listened to you in the piano bar and you are awesome... I hope to see you again";
Kayla Luther (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Hi Liz. Me and the rest of the gilligans island crew had a blast at the piano bar every night, thanks for helping make our trip great"
Sean 'Beans' LaBorde (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Hey Ms. Liz... Look out for for some Chattanooga Friends on your Cruise next week...=) I told them how fun your Piano Bar is...=)";
Kay Adams (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Liz, really enjoyed your music on our Elation Cruise, Thank you for letting me sing "The Climb" as a solo, you're the greatest";
Greg and Wendy Chambers (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Liz, I really enjoyed listening to you on the elation this past week. You are a great perfomer. I hope your next few cruises go great. Cheers!";
Travis Mankins (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Just back from the Elation on Saturday. We had Liz in the Piano bar. I thought she was quite good. She made every effort to engage the crowd and played a wide range of music. She is from South Africa and her accent was fairly heavy. (OK by me..). I am NO music expert but do enjoy the piano bar...";
Quote taken from Originally posted by BIgDfromTN

"I have looked at Liz's website and she is gorgeous!! The guys probably wouldn't care if she couldn't play a note.... Glad she puts on a good show as well. "; Originally posted by BIgDfromTN

"Hi Liz. Met you on the Elation last week. You were awesome at the Piano Bar. You sang "Happy Birthday" to me...=)  I have a couple of pictures I will try to post on Facebook...=)"; Originally posted by LHP

"Thank you so much for letting us have so much fun in your piano bar with you and all of our friends! Hope to see u next year we all plan to come next year at the same time sept. 6 cruise!";
Tammy Lou Couch (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Greetings from Alabama! Hi Liz! I enjoyed your music on last week's cruise! I hope you had at least a short break. For me, it's back to reality in good ol' Alabama..."

"You have amazing talent! Your "Eye of the Tiger" is quite moving. I heard the original after I returned from the cruise and wondered WHO ever thought that should be so heavy on guitar, not piano (and I usually lean toward guitar)! Anyway, I looked around your site to see if you had any recordings available but didn't see any. I'd love to have some of your recordings if any are available."

"Keep the spirit! Your gift of music, I'm certain, has brought joy to so many, and I hope it will continue for years to come! Happy sails to you!"
Betsy (Guest, Elation Cruise Ship)

"Very friendly, connects very soon, and an excellent singer! Keep it up!"
Sangeeta Singhri (Guest, Princess Coral Cruise Ship) Comment Card

"Excellent Performance"
Sharad Singhri (Guest Princess Coral Cruise Ship) Comment Card

"Very friendly and talented"
Raymond Masten (Guest Princess Coral Cruise Ship) Comment Card

"Hi Liz- You are sounding great. Your piano playing and beautiful voice can really motivate the audience. Keep it up!"
PianoTennisman. (Youtube)

"You look and sound wonderful"
Dave Maxwell (Youtube)

"Wow, what a party. Where are you from? Love your accent. Funny those vain girls showing up when you sing 'You're so vain'"
TheCabaretDiva (Youtube)

"Hey Liz. Amazing!!! Love your style. We're currently looking for English speaking Piano Bar entertainers in Paris at an American restaurant. How do we contact you?"
MusicDirector100 (Youtube)

"Don't stop performing love"
Gustav Andor (fan, husband)

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